Glorious Grains article, including Teff Crepe Recipe

There seems to be a growing and exciting trend for people to try and incorporate ancient, whole grains into their diet. For anyone looking for information not just about teff but a number of healthy, lesser-known grain options, the Idaho Statesman recently ran an article that gives a nice summation of options available to try. […]

More Teff Pancakes

A quick, simple, and always delicious favorite for breakfast is pancakes. Here are two recipes for teff pancakes from New York Times contributor Martha Rose Shulman. Teff and Oatmeal Pancakes Teff Pancakes with Chia, Millet, and Blueberries

Traditional Injera

Injera, the traditional Ethiopian flatbread, is undoubtedly still the most common use for teff, even in the US. We previously featured this recipe for a modified approach to making injera with a less lengthy process, but now we’d like to share some well laid out instructions for making traditional injera courtesy of Mary Ostyn. Mary is a […]

Gluten-Free Baking with Teff

Baked goods are certainly one of the most missed parts of a meal for those on a gluten free diet, but baking delicious snacks without gluten is far from impossible! Opera Girl Cooks shows one example of whats possible with this recipe for Russian bread, using ivory teff flour. Of course, no meal is complete […]

Whole-Grain Flour Mix

For those of you wanting to make a gluten-free whole-grain flour mix using teff read this post on Gluten Free Girl. Shauna has been coming up with helpful gluten free recipes and recommendations since she discovered she was gluten intolerant in 2005. See what she had to say about teff all the way back then!

Injera and Teff Porridge

Girl Cooks World is an extensive gluten-free food blog with an interesting recipe for a non-traditional injera, the Ethiopian flat bread served with all meals. Additionally there are several recipes for Ethiopian dishes like Doro W’et and Spicy Red Lentils that go perfectly with injera. Also, try this recipe  for a simple teff porridge with extras to […]

Gluten Free Teff Brownies

With the Completion of our new site, we will be using this blog section to bring you teff related content that we feel you may find interesting so check back each time you order! To kick it off, here is a recipe for some delicious looking gluten free teff brownies. It was created by Nicole […]