In Response to Social Media Accusations

TJ Anderson |
11. 10. 2023

Recently we’ve become aware of videos on social media claiming or suggesting that our Maskal Teff products are tainted or adulterated. We attempted to contact the creator of the original video, and subsequent videos, making these accusations for clarification and, unfortunately, we never received a response. We find these accusations, and the way they have broadcast them on social media, alarming. Our understanding is freezing the absit is not a normal part of the injera-making process and can change the texture/properties of the absit/batter. And soaking premade injera in water isn’t a typical way of using injera either. In our view, neither of these experiments shown on the videos demonstrate that there is anything wrong with the teff.

We can assure all of you our Maskal Teff products are 100% teff. At The Teff Company, the safety and quality of our products are of the highest importance as they are essential to upholding the trust and confidence of our consumers and customers. To support our commitment of delivering safe, high-quality products to our customers we have established stringent and effective food safety and quality systems, both internally and throughout our supply chain.

We require that all incoming teff go through a cleaning process to remove foreign materials such as weeds, sand, and dirt before arriving at our facility. Upon arriving it is inspected for certain quality characteristics such as smell, flavor, texture, and certain baking criteria which might affect its suitability for our consumers. Additionally, our teff is evaluated by laboratory analysis at an accredited third party for other quality standards including purity, moisture content, and being free of gluten and common microbiological contaminants.

The Teff Company also requires that our products have been handled in the best possible manner to reduce the possibility of personally or environmentally transmitted contaminants by providing our employees with the knowledge and tools to accomplish this. All employees are trained on the processes necessary to limit the transmission of contaminants in the food chain. This includes, but is not limited to, the knowledge on how to limit the spread of bacteria and foodborne illnesses, maintain personal hygiene, keep a clean and food safe workspace, and prevent contamination by foreign materials. We are registered with, and have been inspected by, the FDA and our company is audited annually for a globally recognized food safety certification (GFSI).

The Teff Company has worked for nearly 40 years to provide the best teff products possible to our valued customers and have been fortunate to build a reputation for doing so. We have consistently received feedback from our customers that our teff is of superior quality and we strive to consistently maintain that consumer opinion. To risk our reputation, by doing as has been suggested or accused on the recent videos and comments, would be to risk our livelihood. We have not and will not ever tamper with our products and see no reason why our customers and valued partners (markets, injera bakeries, etc.) would do so either.

We would appreciate the opportunity to speak/email with anyone making these claims directly to understand more.

You may reach us at us at 888-822-2221 or email us at


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