Growing Teff

How do I become a teff farmer?

Visit our Teff Growers page and submit your information on the form provided. An Agriculture Advisor will contact you as soon as they can.

What types/amount of fertilizers are used on the teff fields when growing our teff?

Fertilizers used by our farmers vary based on a variety of factors including soil composition, crop rotation, and other practices such as cover cropping.

Standard fertilizers are applied, such as: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and small amounts of micronutrients.

Teff typically requires less fertilizer than common commodity crops.

Can your seed be planted?

Yes, our seed is viable and can be planted. If you do let us know how it grows!

What crops are also grown in the same fields/farms that teff is grown?

Our farmers grow a variety of crops including but not limited to: Potatoes, alfalfa, wheat, barley, beets, onions, beans, and corn.

What climates is teff grown in?

The Teff Company works with farmers that grow in Idaho, California, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon.

When is teff planted?

Due to teff being a warm season crop it is planted in May or early June in Northern climates and March in southern climates.

How water efficient is teff?

Teff is a water efficient grain that typically takes between 12”-18” of water depending on climate and soil type. We are continuing data collection on irrigation requirements and assessing dryland opportunities.

What irrigation methods are compatible with teff?

A successful teff crop can be grown with most types of irrigation. Pivots, wheel lines, flood irrigation, and handlines are the most common.

When is teff harvested?

In northern climates harvest begins late August into September and in Southern Climates June into July.

Days to teff grain maturity?

Depending on the variety 100-114 days.

How much does seed cost?

The Teff Company provides seed free of cost to it’s contracted growers.

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