Modern Look

New Look, Same Deliciousness You may notice a new look to our website and packaging over the next several months. Maskal Teff felt it was time for an updated, modern look. Fear not, everything else will remain the same! We will continue with our farm-to-table traceability, remain a teff-only dedicated facility, and have the same […]

Glorious Grains article, including Teff Crepe Recipe

There seems to be a growing and exciting trend for people to try and incorporate ancient, whole grains into their diet. For anyone looking for information not just about teff but a number of healthy, lesser-known grain options, the Idaho Statesman recently ran an article that gives a nice summation of options available to try. […]

Almond Teff Shortbread Recipe

The wonderful Laura Shoemaker has created yet another great, wheat/gluten free recipe utilizing Teff flour. Check out her recipe for Almond Teff Shortbread Cookies. These cookies and many other wonderful wheat/gluten free and vegan delights can be found at Flying M’s Coffeegarage location.