Delicious & Versatile In Recipes

Ivory and brown teff are sweet-tasting grains unlike any other. Brown teff has a subtle hazelnut, almost chocolate-like flavor and a moist texture similar to millet (but more exotic). Ivory teff has a milder flavor than the brown.

Both the ivory and brown teff grain have the versatility of corn meal and millet. Delicious in porridge, stews, stuffing, and pilaf, teff can be cooked alone or in combination with other grains and vegetables. Simply cook 1 cup teff with 3 cups water or stock. Season with one or more of the following spices for a tasty dish: cinnamon, ginger, garlic, cardamom, chilies, basil and cilantro. Teff is quick cooking, too. No need to pre-rinse, teff comes clean, having already passed through a series of screens after harvest. Ready in 20 minutes, Teff is ideal for a fast meals. For pastries, ivory and brown teff flour make superb pancakes, pie crusts, and cookies.

Teff grain and teff flour are wonderful alternatives to wheat, barley and rye for those on a gluten-free diet. Teff flour will expand food choices beyond potato, corn and rice flour!

Teff is rich tasting and very versatile. To complement its great flavor, use other 100% natural and organic ingredients. Bring out the best in all you cook and bake with ivory and brown teff grain and flour.

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