Whole-Grain Gluten-Free Flour Blend with Teff

Try out this new gluten-free blend of whole-grain flours developed by America’s Test Kitchen. http://howcanitbeglutenfree.com/gluten-free-recipes-to-make/atk-whole-grain-gluten-free-flour-blend/

Teff’s nutritional profile

Here’s a great write-up just published by the Washington Post that covers teff’s nutritional profile. It’s a quick read and also includes a recipe for a Southwest Teff Burger. Have a look here.

Glorious Grains article, including Teff Crepe Recipe

There seems to be a growing and exciting trend for people to try and incorporate ancient, whole grains into their diet. For anyone looking for information not just about teff but a number of healthy, lesser-known grain options, the Idaho Statesman recently ran an article that gives a nice summation of options available to try. […]

Teff and Resistant Starch

Recent growing awareness of the potential health benefits of resistant starch has caused an increasing number of people to seek it out for addition to their diet. Teff, in addition to being a good source of calcium and providing a full range of essential amino acids, contains high levels of completely natural resistant starch.  As […]

Athletes and Teff

The Teff Company takes the phrase “you are what you eat” literally. That is why we supply teff: the staple food of some of the best runners in the world. It is not a coincidence that these athletes often come from Ethiopia, the land where teff is a significant portion of the daily diet. Of […]